Praise: I am thankful that my new dishwasher and garbage disposal will be delivered and installed tomorrow. Our dishwasher stopped cleaning dishes about three months ago. A month ago, our garbage disposal started leaking out the bottom into the cupboard under the sink. Last week, I finally had the time to go look for replacements. […]

Praise: Dave and I were able to attend my 20 year High School reunion this past weekend. We had a great time. Of course, I probably enjoyed it more than Dave did since it was my class! ¬†Unfortunately, I did not take as many pictures as I had intended to take. So it’s not the […]

Praise: I am thankful for God’s protection during my 38 years of life. It is something I take for granted most days, but it is a gift from God. Prayer: Landon’s knee is bothering him. He said it has been bothering him off and on for a while now. After his shed jumping incident, we […]