Praise: I am thankful for God’s protection during my 38 years of life. It is something I take for granted most days, but it is a gift from God.

Prayer: Landon’s knee is bothering him. He said it has been bothering him off and on for a while now. After his shed jumping incident, we had his ankles  checked (broken) and his back checked, but I never thought about his knees. With the type of break he had in his ankle, I can imagine his knee sustaining some damage. I hope this is just a growing boy related pain and not something overlooked in the past.

Ponderings: It is hard to believe that I am just 2 years from 40. As a teenager, I thought that by this stage of my life, I would have everything figured out. I definitely didn’t think that I would be learning anything new! How wrong I was! This past year has been one of much growing and stretching. I love the age my kids are at. I used to fear getting out of the baby stage, but it is WONDERFUL! So with that said, I am looking forward to what this next year holds.

Playfulness: A few months ago, I mentioned to Dave that for my birthday I would love to sleep in to 10 AM. He remembered and kept the kids quiet so I could do just that. Upon rolling out of bed I found 5 helium balloons in the house. 2 in the living room tied to the computer chair and 3 in the kitchen tied to my chair at the table. Dave even matched the two balloons (red heart and zebra) in the living room to the room’s decor. =)


The kids were super cute. Darren tiptoed into my room around 8 AM and sang Happy Birthday to me (and was promptly chased out by Dave). The little man sang two more rounds of the song as soon as I came out of the room this morning. Owen made me a 1inx8in card and put it just outside my bedroom door for me to find as soon as I came out. Dalton made a scavenger hunt for me to find his card. He had a coupon in it for 5,000 back massages. =) He gives a good massage! Auburn made a very clever card that used some of the design from the front of the card that bled through the paper as part of the design on the back. It is hard to describe, but very creative. She also made a paper flower with pipe cleaner vines that fits perfectly as a partial frame on my computer monitor. =) Landon made a card with several coupons in it, and in the afternoon he walked to Grant’s and purchased an Arctic Swirl for me. Parents and Grandparents also joined in the festivities. Multiple birthday wishes on Facebook or by text were all read with a smile on my face. All of this mixed with the Magic Bullet (love it!) and flowers Dave had already given me, made for one spoiled lady!

aub flower