Praise: Dave’s iPad Mini was stolen on Sunday. Today, it was returned. We are very grateful. We did not deserve to have it returned, but God’s kindness allowed it. I hope that we never hold too tightly to things to let them ruin our life. I’ve had the privilege of being involved in 2 Bible […]

Praise: I have mentioned my thankfulness for the creation of sunlight in a previous post. Today, I was even more thankful since I didn’t have to turn on lights in my house until after 6pm. Along these lines, the kids know I need sunlight. Dalton said the other day, “Mom is like a flower. She […]

Playfulness: Thursday, we had Thundersnow here in Michigan. We were supposed to have rain all day, but most of it fell as snow. Darren was pretty sure that God sent more snow because He wanted to make snow angels. 😉 Tonight, we got together with my sister’s family at my parents’ house. Darren asked his […]

Penny-pinching: Like MyPoints, TopCashback is an online shopping site. By creating an account, you can browse through their list of merchants and earn money back on purchases you were already planning to make. I like to double or triple dip on my online shopping. For example, today I purchased a birthday present for one of my […]

Praise: You know that wonderful feeling when a “big” request is answered how you were hoping? Well, tonight I was able to experience the thrill of seeing not one, but two specific requests answered positively. My heart is singing! =) Prayer/Ponderings: My word for the year is self-control. Sadly, I haven’t been practicing it very […]

Praise: I am thankful that God has provided for me to be able to stay home with my kids. I can’t imagine trying to find a babysitter on a snow day. Prayer: On the flip side, let’s pray for no more snow days!!!  =) Pictures: I am a bit behind on my picture a day posts. On the […]

Playfulness/Pictures: Owen: “Mom, can I tell you something? I hope you don’t become an old lady. I hope you don’t get those slash things.” He meant wrinkles. Sorry bud, they’re already coming. 😉 Darren stood up on his chair in the middle of supper and said “Shake your booty! Come on, shake it with me!” […]

Ponderings: I love it when the events of the day blend together to emphasize a theme. This morning, Pastor Doran spoke from John 11 on Lazarus being raised from the dead, physical (temporal) vs. spiritual (eternal) life and truly knowing who Christ is. We sang Behold Our God (Sovereign Grace Music) in the morning service. The […]

Praise: I am thankful that God allows us to enjoy sunshine. Can you imagine living in darkness all day long? Prayer: My sister (in law) is due with my niece Emmalyn on March 11th. Please pray for the last month to go smoothly and a safe delivery. I can’t wait to meet the little lady. […]