Praise: I am so thankful for the faithfulness of the older generation of believers. Several years ago, a friend of mine pointed out to me what an example the senior citizens of our church are to us younger families. They faithfully served the Lord for many years in several areas of church ministry. Now that they are older, they may not be able to serve in the same ways, but they serve as an example of commitment to God in the midst of difficulty. Many of them face physical challenges, but still make it a priority to worship with the body of Christ on Sundays. I praise God for giving us that example.

Prayer: Please pray for a teenager, Logan, who is facing a very difficult physical challenge right now. Pray that he, and his parents, keep their eyes fixed on the Great Physician.

Playfulness: Owen as Captain Conglomerate. =)
captain conglomerate

captain conglomerate2

Darren has earned a Daddy date by sleeping in his own bed for 20 days. =) He’s 2 days into his new chart and on a 5 day streak. Honestly, I kind of miss his cuddles at 3 am. =) Last night he came down at 4 am (ish) to give me his squinkies that he was afraid might fall out of his bed. I was thrilled, and surprised, that he willingly went back up to his own bed.

sleep chart

Yesterday was Wet Wednesday. We went to Thorn Park and enjoyed the splash pad.
splash pad

Ponderings: I am not sure how to say this. I am not trying to point out something good that was done, but the lesson that was learned. Today we visited an older lady in our church. She has been a selfless giver for many years. When we handed her a loaf of bread, she had a look of shock on her face and said, “No one does that.” Her statement was like a dagger in my heart. We have forgotten the older believers. Shame on us.

As I sit here thinking about my day, I find myself amazed at God’s mercy and grace. Mercy in that He is not quick to anger and punishment when I fail Him in caring for my children, husband and others. Grace in that He chooses to work in the lives of my family members in spite of my failures.

Today, I looked out the window of my living room and saw Landon reading his Bible to a neighborhood friend. They have decided to read through a portion of the Bible together this summer. We do not know if this young boy has a personal relationship with God, but he is willing to read His Word. Please pray for Landon as he talks with this young man throughout the summer. Sometimes they don’t get along, and we are trying to help Landon see the big picture.

Tonight, Auburn let me know that she thinks God may be leading her to become a missionary when she is older. I had to smile. She is the same age that I was when I was convinced that God would use me as a missionary teacher in Brazil. I love seeing her wrestle through what that may cost her. She knows people serving in dangerous places, and she knows the risks they take, but she has seen God’s protection over them. Please pray for her that she will continue to tender to God’s pull on her life.

Both of these situations are completely of God. I love to sit and contemplate what God could do through the Fab Five if they will give their lives to Him. It is humbling that He has allowed Dave and I to be a part of it.  I stand amazed.