Praise: I am thankful that God allows us to enjoy sunshine. Can you imagine living in darkness all day long?

Prayer: My sister (in law) is due with my niece Emmalyn on March 11th. Please pray for the last month to go smoothly and a safe delivery. I can’t wait to meet the little lady. It’s been 4 years since we’ve had a newborn in the family. That’s a long time considering there were 10 kids born in 9 years. =)

Playfulness: I debated whether to post this conversation between Darren and me since I know that people have strong opinions on co-sleeping and when it should stop, but here it is.

Me: “You don’t get a sticker on your chart because you did not stay in your bed all night.”
Darren: “What if you sleep with me in my bed, then I’ll stay in it.”
Me: “No, you’re supposed to be learning to be a big boy in your own bed without Mommy.”
Darren: “That’s not going to happen.”

Darren is very excited about our upcoming trip to Florida. Everyday he asks about some detail of the trip. His most recent obsession has been what his pajamas look like that he will be taking. When he asked (again) this morning what they looked like, and if I would get them out of storage so he could see them, I told him no (again). He responded, “well, look it up on the computer. s-s-s storage.” He expected that I could do an internet search for “pajamas in storage” so he could see what they looked like. Wouldn’t that be nice if our clothes were cataloged that way!

Penny-pinching: I recently joined If you join, you get $10 credit. If you download the iPad and iPhone apps, you can get $10 credit for each. You can also earn credit by selling clothes to them. They have a list of acceptable brands and send you a prepaid shipping bag upon request. I sent 4 items last week and received $14 today. =) Plus, I received an extra $10 in credit for my first sell order. The fun part is using the free credits to pick out clothes. So far, I have ordered 2 shirts and a skirt from and have been pleased with my transactions. Happy shopping and purging! (The links provided are my referral links from which I receive credit if you join and make a purchase or a sale.)