Praise: We are having a great summer. I am so thankful for this time with my kids. I am also thankful that I can honestly say that. It hasn’t always been that way.

Prayer: Landon injured his pointer finger on his left hand almost a week ago. It was improving, but tonight he seems to have re-injured it. He is in a bit of pain. Please pray for wisdom for me as I decide whether to have it examined again, or not.

landons fingers

landons fingers 2
Playfulness: In addition to our weekly schedule, the 4 older kids had basketball camp this week. They all did a great job, each exhibiting their own personality on the court. Let’s just say, I’m looking forward to seeing Dalton and Owen playing on the same team in High School. My predictions: Owen will be strong defensively (and maybe offensively) under the basket and Dalton will strong offensively with his quickness. Now to wait 9 years to see if my predictions are accurate. =)

Munchy Monday: This week we went to McDonald’s for a large drink, a cone or a sundae after we finished our house work.

Try Something New Tuesday: We used the Kool-aid and vinegar tie-dye method to decorate shirts. The stains were beautiful, but washed out almost completely in the wash. We were very disappointed. This picture wasn’t the best shirt, but I forgot to take pictures of the others.

try something new tuesday 2

Water Wednesday: Unfortunately, splashing in puddles in between rainstorms was all we accomplished this week.

Thoughtful Thursday: Honestly, I feel weird posting about this, so I’ll just post a picture of the kids working from last week. I will most likely skip this day in my future posts because we are trying to teach the kids to work without needing praise from others. If there is a cute picture, I may post that.
thoughtful thursday 1

Field Trip Friday: Because of basketball camp, we were unable to take a trip anywhere this week. I took the kids to play baseball Saturday night after Dave gave us money to go out to eat. He was working his second job. I think that was a good substitution. =)

I thought this was hilarious-the boys talking and eating while Auburn read. =)

work dinner
We have some large mulberry bushes along our property lines. I was able to pick and remove the stems for a little over three cups of berries and made my first mulberry pie. It is pretty good-and I don’t like berries! The crust wasn’t beautiful, but the taste made up for it.