Playfulness: We are still around. Life has been a bit crazy the past few weeks, and promises to be that way for at least the remainder of this week. My list of funnies is lengthy, so I decided to take a break and post some.

The next few posts are from two weeks ago.

I was directing the craft in the 2’s class at church. We were learning about King David in our stories and we were going to make a crown. I asked, “What do kings wear on their heads?” A little girl spoke up, ” A Cup!” She quickly changed her answer to “Buckets!”

Last year, I signed the kids up to get a magazine. To keep there from being an ownership fight, I had the subscription sent to Ladod Smith (first letter of each of the kids’ names.) We received this in the mail.

cc offer


I sent the 2 little boys down to the pantry to pick something quick out for me to make for supper. They came up with a box of stuffing. They were serious. I made it for them. They ate it. =)

Darren didn’t like being the only one up at 5:20am. He climbed the ladder to Dalton’s bunk and LOUDLY sang “Jingle Bells” in his ear. His musical abilities were not appreciated.

Last week:

Same, but different. We compliment each other. =)



Future nerd? He was sitting by me wearing these glasses (no lenses.) He would take them off, squint, and say, “I can’t see!”

future nerd

Practicing his swimming so that he is ready for our vacation.


I asked Darren what he learned in Sunday School. He said “Jesus was a baby, He said ‘Hush, be still.'” I figured he was just throwing things out there that he had learned in the past because the stories he was referencing were years apart in the life of Christ. The next morning I found his picture from class.

4 story


Oops, I guess he was listening.

This week:

Today, I sent Dave an email stating that I figured something out that I had been frustrated with on the computer for several days by writing it all out on paper. I signed the email “Love, Emma.” 😉 Search YouTube for “The Paperless Future Emma” if you don’t get the significance of my signature.

One of our children brought this paper home from school.  His mistake is true in so many ways. You would have to insert some other words and/or punctuation, but it made me smile.
honor try


My little guy still thinks he needs me when he falls asleep. Honestly, I don’t mind. He likes to be touching me as he drifts off. Someday, I will really miss these moments.

sleepy boy