Praise: I have mentioned my thankfulness for the creation of sunlight in a previous post. Today, I was even more thankful since I didn’t have to turn on lights in my house until after 6pm. Along these lines, the kids know I need sunlight. Dalton said the other day, “Mom is like a flower. She needs sunshine.” 🙂

Prayer: Pray for your married friends. Satan wants nothing more than to destroy their relationships.

Playfulness: Yesterday, I was working on my computer paying bills. I heard Darren sucking on his fingers, and then I felt a finger in my ear. Saying “WET WILLY!” was his next action. Nice.

Last night, Owen started referring to his teacher, Mrs. Hubbard, as Jean. I am so glad he tried that here at home instead of in class. 😉

This afternoon we had a spring visitor in our basement-a black bird. Guess he was cold, too.

I was talking with Auburn about the importance of learning to do dishes now, so that she will know what to do when she is older and out of the house. She replied that she knows how to do dishes. Landon inserted, “I know how to do dishes, too. Paper plates.”

After bath time, Darren informed me that the moisturizer smells like fly juice. I’ve never smelled fly juice before. I am glad that now I know what it smells like.

Ponderings: Do you like to make checklists to work from? I do. I practically live by checklists. I even have a checklist about what to post on the blog. If I didn’t, I would forget everything. I was contemplating what I put on my list yesterday. The thought struck me that I put a lot of busyness on my list, but not a lot of things that are truly important. What if I (or you) put “training children” on the list? Would it make me (us) value that job more? Would it make us carve out specific time to teach them a new skill? I think it would help me have a right perspective when someone comes up and interrupts me while I’m doing one of my so-called important chores. Food for thought. Tomorrow, my list will have a few more important things on it.

Penny-pinching: Dave introduced me to Bing a few weeks ago. It’s a search engine that gives you reward points. Check it out!