Praise: Dave’s iPad Mini was stolen on Sunday. Today, it was returned. We are very grateful. We did not deserve to have it returned, but God’s kindness allowed it. I hope that we never hold too tightly to things to let them ruin our life.

I’ve had the privilege of being involved in 2 Bible studies in the past 2 days. I love it when the Lord allows personal study and two completely different group studies to overlap. It is thrilling.

Prayer: My sis-in-law is ready to be done with her pregnancy. Please pray that little Emmalyn makes a quick and safe entrance into this world. =)

Playfulness: Today, I climbed on top of my refrigerator. I wish someone had been there to take a picture-I can only imagine what I looked like up there. We have cabinets that run over our stove and fridge, and the top of them were in dire need of attention. The only way for this short person to reach them was to bring a ladder into the kitchen and then climb on top of the refrigerator. Yes, it was fun. It was fun to think of what I looked like and fun to finally have that corner of my world clean (even if at this point it is the ONLY corner cleaned.)

I was determined to go over shapes with Darren today. I know he knows his letters and colors, but I wasn’t sure if he knew his shapes. We were driving around on an errand run when I started pointing out things (signs, house decorations, etc.) asking him what shape they were. He was getting everything right. I thought I’d stump him and asked, “What shape is that stop sign?” He promptly answered, “Octagon.” Blew. Me. Away.