Praise: You know that wonderful feeling when a “big” request is answered how you were hoping? Well, tonight I was able to experience the thrill of seeing not one, but two specific requests answered positively. My heart is singing! =)

Prayer/Ponderings: My word for the year is self-control. Sadly, I haven’t been practicing it very well in the sugar department. As trivial as this request may seem, help is needed. I believe that a lack of self-control in one area pours over into others. For me, I know that I┬ácannot exhibit self-control in my life without God’s help. How can I instruct my children to use self-control if they see me demonstrating a lack of it? If you think of it, there is a huge ripple effect here. I could ramble on about this, but I have a list of things that need to be accomplished. Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day. The song Mercies Anew frequently comes to mind at night, and I find it very refreshing.

Playfulness: This isn’t really light-hearted. Tonight, Darren asked Landon to help him get saved. Of course, Landon was thrilled to lead him in a prayer. I came upstairs to “Mommy, I got saved!” Now before you all cheer, I know that he does not really understand what that means. After explaining that just saying the words does not mean a person is saved, he asked “does money?” His lack of truly understanding was made evident. I am so thankful that my kiddos see their sin, and am praying that someday they will truly understand the gift of salvation in Christ’s death and resurrection.

Picture: Today’s word of the day is Joy. I was thinking about what I would post before I read the boys their bedtime story. This is the page we read from Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing. Tonight, my heart is filled with joy. From answered prayer to the tenderness of my children to the perfect orchestration of finishing the night with a good book, joy is the perfect word.

049 joy